Posco Building

The property is for commercial and industrial use and has a site area of about 3,920 sq. ft. and total GFA of about 47,258 sq. ft..

No. 37 Island Road

The property is located in prestigious residential area, with an outdoor swimming pool, spacious garden area and glamorous sea-view.

Villa 28 and Villa 30, Po Shan Road

This project is owned as to 50% by the Group and 50% by a wholly-owned subsidiary of K. Wah International Holdings Limited (stock code:173), and the Group is the project manager of the development. The property, with a site area of about 10,000 sq. ft., is located in a prestigious mid-level area that enjoys a glamorous sea-view.

Nos. 16-20 Gage Street

Following the auction for Nos. 16–18 Gage Street in mid-July 2020, the compulsory acquisition of the remaining 3 units was subsequently completed in August 2020. The Group has therefore unified the ownership of Nos. 16–20 Gage Street and successfully consolidated this project with a total site area of about 3,600 sq. ft.. It is currently planned that a residential/commercial building with GFA of about 36,000sq. ft. will be developed.

One Soho

Through the joint venture with a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sino Land Company Limited (stock code: 83), the Group participated in this project tendered by the Urban Renewal Authority in December 2017. The site is well located in the heart of the Mongkok district, neighbouring Langham Place. It covers a site area of approximately 14,900 sq. ft.. The project will provide residential GFA of about 112,200 sq. ft. and commercial GFA of about 22,400 sq. ft. and, upon completion, the commercial portion will be retained by the Urban Renewal Authority.

sáv Residence

The property, located nearby the city centre of Taipei City, is a residential complex comprises a fully furnished villa and 6 serviced apartments with a total GFA of about 20,600 sq. ft..

Pacific Cebu Resort

Pacific Cebu Resort is a resort established in 1992 with 134 rooms and abundant diving facilities, and is located at Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan Island in Cebu of Philippines occupying a site area of about 64,987 sq. m..

Greenview Garden

The project covers a site area of about 20,200 sq. m. and it is planned that a commercial/residential complex with GFA of about 91,000 sq. m. will be developed on the site.