Chuang’s New City – Imperial Garden (Disposed)

Phase I comprises 8 blocks of residential towers with total gross floor area of 89,000 sq. m. have been completed providing over 600 apartments with typical flats ranging from 80 sq. m. to 160 sq. m., executive duplex units of about 280 sq. m. and unique simplex units of 445 sq. m..

Phase II comprises 6 residential blocks (Block 9 to 14) has total GFA of 61,272 sq.m., providing 574 flats ranging from 56 sq.m. to 127 sq.m..

Foundation works for Phase III (Block 29 to 31) with total GFA of about 40,000 sq.m. have been completed. Superstructure works have commenced.

The Group will plan for development of Phase IV (Block 15 to 20) with total GFA of about 83,000 sq.m.. As for the remaining development with GFA of about 233,000 sq. m., the Group will embark on development plan in accordance with local market sentiments and sales progress.

On top of the residential development, the group holds the commercial portion of Imperial Garden and Gold Coast with aggregate GFA of about 17,500 sq. m..

Square meter
Residential Disposed
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